Here at Infograph1c we collect some of the best quality infographics and visualisations out there. Have a look at the relevant category to see infographics on the area you’re interested in.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is basically a nice, visually pleasing, way to display data or information like this one. However this can use any number of techniques or methods. The infographic could be as simple as a collection of graphs, or as complex as an image which is used to communicate a massive amount of information. It doesn’t always need to be statistics which are communicated. It could be something simple. Like all of the types of hamburger. That’s not something scientific or too reliant on data is it? Infographics can be serious, jokey, beautiful – anything!

How are they made?

They are usually made in illustration software like Adobe Illustratior or Photoshop. However the exact process of how an infographic is made depends on how technical it is. For example an advanced infographic would need someone to illustrate it and then transfer that illustration onto a piece of software. A more simple infographic with just graphs and a bit of text won’t require that – all that will be needed is the the illustration software – text and graphs with a few sample images can easily be made this way. An infographic can even just be a page of text on a page.

It all depends on your definition of infographics.

Use for link building

Sometimes infographics are used as “link bait” – something which is so good that people link to it creating SEO benefits. You can even get some companies creating infographics in areas that they don’t directly specialize in for SEO benefits. Eg a pay day loans company making an infographic on a new film. Like this one (which is a personal favourite!) from money supermarket.

They are an amazing way to promote a site. My friend has recently set up a health and beauty site and stated that she planned to invest heavily in infographics on the site blog. It really is the way forward.

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