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Here is a superb infographic by UK dating website which explains the science of beer goggles.

The Science of Beer Goggles

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The Average Shopper

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An infographic by the team at PriceCollate

The average online shopper is a woman aged 42 old. This woman spends an average of $400 per month on online purchases.
Tip 1: Bookmark the Reliable online Shopping Sites
The very reliable online shopping websites must be bookmarked on your browser so that you do not get into the trouble of using the search engine results. Never rely too much on the search engine results because they can be misleading.
The top commerce-sites
There are 3 major e-commerce websites; these are Alibaba, Amazon and These websites are ranked based on their annual revenues.
Tip 2: Ignore Suspicious Offers Sent by Email
The spams are messages which are sent in a random manner. Such emails must be ignored because they contain an attachment which has some virus and can slow down the working of your computer.
Tip 3: verify the Unbelievable Offers
Some unbelievable offers sent to your email should always be verified before making any payments.
Tip 4: Double Check Payment Sites URL
The use of spoofed pages by the phishers is a very common occurrence. Therefore, there is a great need for you to double check the URL or the payment websites before sending any money. Pay Pal and eBay are some of the websites which have been attached in the past.
Tip 5: Use a Reliable Security Software
A reliable software is required if you are to block those websites which are fake.

Should you sue?

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“A flow chart used in-house at our collection agency to guide our clients through the process of deciding whether or not to litigate against their customers with long past-due invoices. By turning the decision into a flow chart we’re able to calculate the likely proceeds from a lawsuit and compare that to our client’s cost to take the case to court, which gives us an objective way to determine if it’s worth their time or not. Using this chart we have succeeded in nearly every case we’ve taken to court for our clients.”

Gay Marriage & Weddings

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Did you know four states have the topic of gay marriage on the ballot on the November 2012 election? This issue has remained a controversial topic in the last several years, but it seems to be gaining acceptance.

According to a Gallup poll, the majority of adults support the legalization of gay marriage since 2011, including a whopping 70% under the age of 35. A recent poll conducted by The Wedding Channel and the Knot report that the average age of marriage for an American is 28 (27 for women, 29 for men), which means that most people who are getting married are supporters of gay marriage.

Link Building As A Strategy Game

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Here’s a unique look at linkbuilding if it were a real-time strategy game. This infographic was created by AoV web designer and link builder Justin. Learn and enjoy it, as it doesn’t only provide you with popular link building strategies, it also comes in the form of a fun RTS game display. For more info, please visit: